How To Use Real Estate Investment As A Gift

In our last blog, we talked about using real estate investment as a trust fund to secure a future for your children but how about using it to show love. In this article, we will show you how to use real estate investment as a gift for your loved ones. It is something new that another of our clients shared with us. I couldn’t wait to tell you about how this client purchased an apartment as a gift for someone unexpected. 

Now, back to the matter! Sometime last month, I heard something nice from a client that made me realize a few more uses for the type of real estate investment that we offer.

One of our clients (let’s call her Mrs Z) after initially buying some of our lease properties for herself, returned to us wondering if it is possible to get more properties but for someone else. The person she wanted to buy for was her long-time chef who has always had an interest in properties and real estate investments. 

Mrs Z had once encouraged her Chef to get some properties but it just never seemed like the right time for her and now she had found the perfect opportunity to do something, not just nice but great for an active member of her life and she came to us to find out how she can make it work.

The Real Estate Investment Gift

First, we looked through our ongoing projects in Surulere and available properties in Fadeyi to find the most suitable gift for her chef but with consideration of prices and payment plans. Based on how much Mrs Z knows her Chef, she concluded on the Mini flat at Cambridge Apartments, Fadeyi and purchased 1 unit with a 6-month payment plan.

After the initial deposit, we prepared the Contract of Sublease with the details we had gotten from Mrs Z and sent a hard copy to her Chef. When she received the documents, she went to meet her boss thinking there had been a mistake.

“Ma, Seems like someone has mixed up our names, my name is on your contract”, she said.

Mrs Z simply laughed and asked her Chef to read the name and other details on the Contract properly. When she realized it was her name and details, she was still very confused and that was when Mrs Z told her everything about the gift. She couldn’t contain her joy and thanked Mrs Z profusely expressing her gratitude.

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A real estate property as a gift passes a powerful message like “I appreciate you”, “You deserve more than things that will fade away”, “I’m looking out for your financial future”, and “Here is a financial cushion that will make your money work for you”.

Here’s What You Can Do

It is just half of the year, what gifts are you gonna give to loved ones this year? Gift them property in their name and help them secure a great financially secure future. I have added a list of all our available properties and projects for you to select from. You can always decide on a suitable payment plan that works for you and own a property. Here are the properties:

You can simply send an email to or call Bright at +23409033777715 and you can discuss what works for you. 

Remember, we are always available to address your questions and concerns and take you through the entire buying process with ease while you can sit back and let the profits roll in.

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